Tiger Eye (9 Carat) - Lab Certified

Tiger Eye (9 Carat) - Lab Certified
Price: US $76.92 /INR Rs. 5000
Tiger's Eye is stated to be a low ranking substitute for Ruby. It is used in gemstone healing therapy and also as a jewelry stone. It looks very bright, like a cheetah's eye, hence called Tiger's Eye. it generally comes in yellow and light brown shades. Every person can adorn this gemstone, as it does not have any side effects. Although, many astrologers advise people to wear it as a substitute for Ruby or Manikya, hence it would be better to wear this gem only after consulting an esteemed astrologer. Tiger’s Eye is worn to avoid the evil effects of sun and to attain good results. One’s health improves by adorning this gemstone. Also, it enhances the level of self esteem and courage.

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