Nagarmotha Root - Nagarmotha Jad

Nagarmotha Root - Nagarmotha Jad
Price: US $6.15 /INR Rs. 400
Nagarmotha Ki Jad or Nagarmotha Root, also known as Nut Grass Root, pacifies planet Rahu. The benefits of wearing Nagarmotha Root include relief from stress, chronic diseases and also Kalsarp Dosha. If a person is suffering from Kaalsarp Dosha, this root benefits to a great extent and nullifies the difficulties caused by this Yoga. Other benefits of wearing this include settlement of job related problems and curing of mental and physical ailments as well. The Nagarmotha Root boosts a person's courage and valor and steers their opponents away from their paths. People who work extremely hard but still don't receive appreciation and acknowledgement for their efforts should definitely wear the Nagarmotha Root to attain prosperity and bliss in their lives.

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