Pearl /Moti Panchdhatu Pendant with Chain

    • Objective: Helps relieve stress, and promotes calming and peaceful energy in the surroundings, along with increasing wisdom, wealth, and a steady mind. It is also said to help people who suffer from depression and anxiety.
    • AstroSage Guarantee: 100% Genuine, Lab Certifies, and Authentic
    • Divine Connection: For Lakshmi Puja
    • Add-On Facilities: The package contains 1 Pc Pearl Pendant (for men and women) with Golden Chain and Ganga Jal.

Pearl /Moti Panchdhatu Pendant with Chain

The Pearl Pendant is designed with the astrological needs artistically taken into consideration while creating the pendant with Lab Certificate. The design of this pendant is inspired by the Scorpio zodiac sign in Panchdhatu. The gem is open from the back so that the positive rays of the Pearl can enter the body. This pendant has an exquisite appearance thanks to the high-quality construction done in our own cutting-edge production facility. Every couple is drawn to the pearl because of its supernatural presence. It is a chilly stone, and it is one of the stones that strengthens the abilities of the moon. This Pendant can be worn for daily use at the workplace, casual meetings, day out, family gatherings, parties, and other places as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is the Gemstone Natural or of a Bangkok origin (an Imitation of Natural Gemstone)?

Gemstones that we sell are naturally occurred and certified. Now-a-days, gemstone merchants have started selling duplicate/artificial/treated gemstones which are found in abundance in Bangkok. Such Gemstones don’t have any astrological significance and investing on them is a wastage of money. With AstroSage, You can be completely assured of the product delivered. Our product’s authenticity can be judged with the lab certification provided with the same.

Q2. How does your lab certify gemstones? Is there any specification on certificate about the treatments carried over the Gemstones (Heat/Glass Filling/Dyeing etc.)

Our Gemstones are certified from International Gemological Laboratories & Institute. It is one of the most renowned labs in India for Gemstone certification. There are few labs which mention “Not Specified” on Lab Certificate if the gemstone is treated or glass filled, but this is not the case with International Gemological Laboratories & Institute. We sell only the best quality Gemstone and No Gemstone with any kind of treatment. Hence, our lab certificates display proper information and authenticity.

Q3. Can I return the gemstone if I don’t like what I have received?

Definitely. Gemstones come in various shapes, size and lustre. No Gemstones can be same in looks and shape. An individual may get confused with the above mentioned factors . To look after this, we have a policy of accepting the return requests of our products. Our customers can return the products within 2 working days of its receipt. To do so, they need to call our customer support executive for all necessary details. Kindly make sure the product is in its original state of delivery and you have all the necessary documents, accessories, and packaging with it.

Q4. Should I wear the Gemstone on my own or do I need to ask some Astrologer?

A Gemstone may have positive as well as negative effects on the native. Wearing a wrong or underpowered gemstone may not get you the desired results. We strongly recommend our customers to have a thorough consultation with a learned astrologer before wearing any Gemstone. With this, you can be sure about the proper effects, results, and method of energising the gemstone. You can call our customer support team to fix an appointment with our Astrologer.

Q5. What’s special about your Gemstones?

A gemstone can be purchased from any gemstone vendor at a much reasonable price, but you can’t be sure about the authenticity of the same. Unlike other sellers, we, at AstroSage sell genuine products with great quality and certification. Our certification is one of the best available in India. Still if you don’t like the received Gemstone, you can return the same within 2 working days. You’ll get full support from our customer support team to return the delivered product.

Q6. What is the origin of gemstone?

Gemstones are usually found in the form of its ore which further needs to be crafted for proper shape. Some gemstones are not proper stones but they could be stem or root of a plant or they could be a shell found deep inside the sea. The Gemstones that we sell are originated from their native place. They are usually manufactured in factories with glass, chemicals and other non-natural resources. We would like to assure that we don’t sale such artificial gemstones.

Q7. What is Carat to ratti conversion?

The conversion rate between Ratti and Carat is as follows 1 Ratti = 0.91 Carats 1 Carat = 1.099 Ratti

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I bought Red Coral from AstroSage and was very satisfied with the product quality. Even my astrologer approved of the product and praised its quality. Thank a lot AstroSage. A big help!

~ Puja Sharma

The Yellow Sapphire I purchased from AstroSage was a really good one. I belong to a brahmin family and hence I have good knowledge of gemstones. My yellow sapphire is actually a natural one as I can see the veins and other signs of its authenticity. I got this at a reasonable price too.

~ Ankit Gupta

I was not happy with the Emerald that I received from AstroSage as the shape of the stone was not appealing to me. Differing to my expectation, I got a quick return of the same with a total refund of my money. I really appreciate the quick services of AstroSage.

~ Mahesh Saxena

I must say AstroSage is the best astrology service provider, their predictions are very much accurate. I always ask them before taking any important decision of my life. I have ordered some gemstones also, it is really very effective & useful for me.

~ Neha Kumari

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