Dhruv Astro Software - 1 Year

Dhruv Astro Software - 1 Year
$ 154 / ₹ 9999
Old Price: $ 230.77 / ₹ 15000
You Save: $ 76.94 / ₹ 5001 (33.0%)
  • Personalized Branding for Astrologers
    Publicise your brand with your name, address, and contact details printed on the bottom of every page, in each kundli you create.
  • Print 200+ pages Colored Kundli
    Meet the expectations of your customers by downloading/printing up to 100 attractive horoscopes of 200+ pages a month with the help of multiple methods/systems of astrology.
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage & Ad-free App
    Save unlimited kundalis on your cloud database, with no fear of losing them through device malfunction or change, and avoid irritating ads.
  • Special Discount & Free Shipping
    Enjoy a substantial discount of 10% on all AstroSage services, keep your notes safe with each kundli, and more lucrative deals available to you.

Dhruv Astro Software - 1 Year

What will you get in Dhruv Astro Software: Dhruv Astro Software brings you the most advanced astrology software features, delivered from Cloud. Dhruv assists an astrologer in analyzing kundli and also creating professional reports. The reports for clients created using Dhruv will have astrologers brand, name, address and contact details. You can generate reports for your clients having various calculations and predictions. Astrological systems like Parashari, Jaimini, KP, Lal Kitab, Tajik, Western, Numerology etc. included with the software. Moreover, you can create, download, and save unlimited Kundalis in Cloud and store notes and prescriptions on the cloud. Such details stored on cloud can be accessed from any of your device whether iPhone, Android or Windows. You can also say good-bye to losing your data. The software includes Worksheets as well so that you can compose the screen any way you want.
Note: You will get access to Dhruv Astro Software in your email.

About Your Personalised Report

Additional Benefits

Dhruv Astro Software not only saves charts on cloud, but offers access to our other features as well. Features like you can Create 200+ Pages Kundli, Adding Your Name, Address & Contact Details at the bottom of kundli, horoscope matching, worksheet for carrying out astrological tasks online, and creating notes and comments. You can access this service from your laptop, desktop, and even your mobile. Moreover, you receive an attractive 10% discount on all AstroSage services, as well as free shipping on all products.

Get Timely Delivery

Dhruv Astro Software allows you to avail aforementioned additional benefits for 1 year along with cloud space to store unlimited birth charts online. It makes astrological tasks effective, informational, and reliable for you and your clients. Thus, you can Since AstroSage has a benchmark for delivering every service on time or before the time committed to our users. So, as promised this service is delivered to you the instant you order it.

What is Dhruv Astro Software

The Dhruv Astro Software was created especially keeping in mind the needs of Astrologers, as well as Astrology students and teachers. Not only does this software helps you generate, download, and save unlimited kundalis on cloud, but also allows you to brand each kundali as your own, by adding your name, address, and contact details on the bottom of each page. You can save each kundali that you create safely, and access it anywhere and anytime, using any device. Moreover, AstroSage ensures the safety of your data because only you can access the charts that you create, along with all your notes and comments.

Importance of Dhruv Astro Software

One of the best features of the Dhruv Astro Software, its personalization allows you to boost your own brand and virtual presence. Moreover, you also get 200+ pages coloured kundali with predictions and data from innumerable systems of astrology easily accessible to you. All your needs are fulfilled at one place with Dhruv Astro Software. On top of all this, you can save all the birth charts you create on Cloud, , without the fear of losing your data through a device change or malfunction and any such mishappenings. Dhruv Astro Software allows you access to all these features and more for 1 year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What's Special About Dhruv Astro Software?

It offers unlimited storage to preserve relevant astrological data and information. Also, personalized branding becomes very easy with Dhruv Astro Software as your name and address details appear in each and every page of the report generated with the help of this software.

Q2. How can I Avail its Benefits?

You can avail the benefits immediately after the payment is being done on your part, which can be very easily used to preserve your astrological data and information.

Q3. What are the Highlights of this Software?

Avails you with an Elaborate and Coloured Kundli containing more than 200 pages.To top it all, this software puts to use the most detailed systems of astrology to make things more convenient for professional practitioners of astrology.

Q4. How is this Software Different from the Rest?

You will be able to recollect the information even after your mobile or laptop gets misplaced or stolen. With the help of this service, you can take a look at the stored kundlis at anytime and anywhere.

Q5. Who can Avail the Benefits of this Special Software?

The Dhruv Astro Software is specifically designed to facilitate the needs of astrologers, scholars and students who are learning astrology.

Q6. Is my Data Secure on Dhruv Astro Software?

Certainly Yes. The information you enter on Dhruv Astro Software is very much safe and confidential. No one has access to it other than you.

Q7. Which Benefits can I avail from this Software?

If you have provided astrological consultation to anyone, then you can store the necessary information on this cloud service in a secure mode. Along with this, if you provide a print of your client’s horoscope/Kundli to them, then your name and address details will find a place in the printed horoscope copy.

$ 153.83 / ₹ 9999
Price: $ 230.77 / ₹ 15000
You Save: $ 76.94 / ₹ 5001 (33.0%)
All Inclusive
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I am a student of Jyotish Alankar, as well as a practicing astrologer. The Dhruv Astro Software has been really helpful for me, in keeping the Kundlis of my numerous clients safe and confidential without the worry of them getting deleted or accessed by anyone. A very friendly service I must Say. Great Help AstroSage! - Ankur Shrivastava

Due to constant corruption of my system, thousands of kundalis and data that I saved would repeatedly get deleted or damaged. Dhruv Astro Software was the exact means I was looking for saving these crucial astrological info without any loss. A friend of mine told me about this service and the extra benefits it offers. It comes in handy and keeps your birth chart and data safe. Good job. - Deepak Pandey

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