Child Kundli

Child Kundli
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  • Most Accurate, Detailed & Colorful Kundli
    Beautiful and comprehensive kundli revealing astonishing secrets of your child’s life
  • Birth Paya Of Your Child
    Know what kind of “Feet” your child is born with!
  • Lagna, Tithi & Nakshatra Gandant & Suggestive Remedies
    Find out if your child is born in the Lagna, Tithi or Nakshatra Gandant and perform pacifying remedies
  • Name or Initials Of Your Child’s Name
    Suggestions for Favourable Name Initials or Alphabet/Name for your child
  • Balarishta Yoga & Its Remedies
    Physical sufferings, health-related downfalls and much more
  • Auspicious Muhurat For Child-Related Hindu Samskaras
    Perform Namkaran, Annaprashan, Mundan Samskar, etc. in their Auspicious Muhurat
  • Birth Nakshatras Reveal Doshas In Your Child’s Kundli
    Gand Mool Nakshatra Dosha, Gand Mool Bhanga, Lagna Sandhi and much more
  • Inauspicious Time of Birth
    Effective remedies if the child is suffering from any kind of physical deformity after birth

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Child Kundli

What will you get: This detailed and comprehensive Brihat Horoscope for Children offers life predictions and remedies and sheds light on significant upcoming aspects of the child’s life. Know about Paya at the time of birth, lucky name/initials for your child's name, Doshas forming in your child’s kundli such as Nazar Dosha, Gand Mool Dosha, Gand Mool Bhanga, Balarishta, Lagna, Tithi and Nakshatra Gandant, suggestive remedies to perform when the child is born during inauspicious periods, auspicious muhurats to perform several Hindu Samskaras such as Child Naming Ceremony or Namkaran Samskar, Tonsure or Mundan Ceremony, Vidyarambh Ceremony, Janeu Ceremony and much more. Read in detail about your child’s personality and traits, and find out how this report offers you a detailed look in your child’s future.
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About Your Personalised Report

Amalgamation of Advanced Systems Of Astrology

Is your child suffering from any kind of health issue? Do you feel your child is experiencing delays when it comes to walking or speaking? Or any doubt brewing in your mind regarding carrying out the Namkaran Ceremony or Janeu Ceremony for your kid? Child Kundli For Children comes to your rescue! With a perfect blend of innumerable and advanced systems of astrology, you obtain accurate, detailed, to-the-point and effective life predictions for your child, that helps set the right path for your child while eliminating major unfavourable obstacles. From Birth Doshas such as Nazar Dosha, Gand Mool Dosha etc. to Birth Paya, Favourable Muhurats for Hindu Sanskars for your child, this report has a lot to offer!

Effective Suggestions & Remedies For A Brighter Future

AstroSage has rolled out an advanced and comprehensive report called Child Kundli, which gives out personalized predictions based on the birth details of your child, and enables you to remain prepared in advance for what’s to come. With this report, you get impactful remedies and effective suggestions that can help you amplify positivity in your child’s life and allow you to eliminate innumerable obstacles and challenges awaiting in the upcoming stages of your child’s life.

Expert Approach

Child Kundli For Children takes into consideration accurate birth details, planetary movements, nakshatra placements, charts and bhava positions at the time of birth and much more to deduce accurate life predictions for your child. With expert astrologers evaluating the details of your child, you get a quick insight about what awaits in the upcoming future, and what can be done to incur auspicious outcomes. This specialized report is curated keeping in mind favourable and unfavourable aspects and suggestive remedies and actions are provided that can be carried out.

Get Timely Delivery

Child Kundli For Children by AstroSage offers you an accurate analysis of your child’s life and its various aspects. Based on the multiple principles of astrology, personalized suggestions and remedies are provided for a favourable outcome. Ordering this report offers you a bright chance to direct your child’s life on a positive path. We are known for our timely delivery worldwide, which is why you will receive this report within the stipulated time after payment. Our professionals will guide you through the process and keep you updated regarding the delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How will I receive the report?

All reports are sent via email. However, in case of Trikal Samhita and Big Horoscope printed versions, we will be sending you the same via courier/speed post.

Q2. When will I receive the report?

You’ll receive your report within 24 hours of payment. This is the maximum time we require and you may get it before that as well.

Q3. Will my personal information be kept confidential?

Definitely. We at AstroSage never share any personal information with anybody. We are not into lead generation business. The information of our customers is kept confidential.

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I was very curious about by fate this year because last year was a bit tough for me. Trikal Samhita has given me a lot to plan for this year. This report is really comprehensive and has every minute detail about me. I highly recommend this to everyone.

~ Prakash Bhatia

I was quite impressed with the free report available at AstroSage and this forced me purchase Big Horoscope as well. Big Horoscope has a detailed analysis of each and every aspect of my life and I am really happy to have this.

~ Hemant Bhargava

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