Gunjan Mala

  • Purpose:
    Protection from evil black magic and psychic harms
  • AstroSage Guarantee:
    100% Genuine and Authentic
  • Divine Connection:
    Goddess Lakshmi, Radha Rani and Lord Krishna
  • Derived From:
    Naturally grown beads from Aravali Mountains

Gunjan Mala

Obtained from beautiful naturally grown beads found in forests of the Aravali mountains, Rajasthan state, India and Gunja beads are believed to be hundred years old.
They bring luck and ward off evil and black magic and protect the wearer from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves. It is said the bead itself will choose its owner and will not stay with an unlucky person. They are very small in size but are very powerful.

Lord Krishna often loves to wear it. It is considered highly sacred in Hindu Vedas and is known as the most important seed in Hindu scriptures. It protects the wearer from physical harm and gives all-around protection. They bring luck and ward off evil and black magic, & protect the wearer from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves. It is said the bead itself will choose its owner and will not stay with an unlucky person.

Another name by which they are also known is chirmi beads. The uniform selected beads of the mala makes it very comfortable to chant mantras. Chirmi/Gunja Beads are associated with Goddess Laxmi and are known to ward off negative energies and attract wealth,good fortune and prosperity.
The package includes 1 Pc Gunja Mala with Ganga Jal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Mala?

A mala is a garland made of 108 beads stringed together along with one guru bead in a thread. It is widely used for chanting a mantra 108 times and meditating. Wearing a mala helps you focus on the positive energy and brings your mind at peace. It is made from different kinds of materials such as Rudrakshas, Gemstones, Crystals, Woods, Seeds and much more. At AstroSage, you get maximum quality at best prices. You can wear malas provided by us at any time and attain calmness, serenity and peace.

Q2. Can I wear my Mala all the time?

As recommended, try to wear the intended mala on an auspicious muhurat and majority of the time, although avoid wearing it when consuming alcohol or meat and getting it wet. It is said that a mala picks up energy and vibes from the surroundings and instil it within the wearer. Mala is known to be a spiritual tool used while meditating and establishing a connection with the One. Hence by wearing it, you are more likely to draw positive vibes and improve your focus in the right direction.

Q3. Is there any method or rules to keep my Mala in case I’m not wearing it?

Mala being a sacred item must be placed near a sanctified place like temple, at its altar or any significant spot with other items. One mustn’t disrespect the mala or throw it away anywhere. In case you cannot find a suitable place, hang or store it at the back of your bed and do not forget about it. Keep the place clean and tidy and away from pets and children. Buy a soft, nice piece of cloth and store it inside every time you take it off. On the contrary, the more you wear the mala the more it gets charged up and energised.

Q4. Can I return the Mala if not satisfied?

Sure. At AstroSage, we aim at providing best services and products without any fault and strive towards achieving satisfactory results. Our product category “Mala” consists of various types of stringed threads in different types, materials, weights, colors and uses. If any of our product doesn’t meet your criteria, you can definitely return it back to us within 2 working days. Contact our customer cre executives and provide them with your Order ID & reason of returning. Read our return policy for more information.

Q5. What makes the Mala on your website special?

AstroSage promises to deliver high-quality and certified products on its website, and offers satisfactory results. Our Malas are examined from every angle, in regard with the material used, color offered and methods of purifying them. We also provide a small bottle of Gangajal (if in stock) to our customers to purify the mala in the packaging. Our products are known nationwide for its authenticity and capability to deliver desired results.

Q6. What is the significance of the 108 beads in Mala?

One can count 108 times while chanting mantras on a Mala and stay focussed, relaxed and at peace. There are nine planets leading 12 zodiac signs, and these signs consists of 27 nakshatras. As per Vedic Astrology, every nakshatra is subdivided into 4 other parts or charans, equalizing to a total of 108. Hence, when one chants mantras on a mala, s/he covers the whole universe. Malas come in three forms, which are 27, 54 and 108-bead malas.

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I had the pleasure of associating with AstroSage, and they were true to their words. The Pearl Mala is as stunning as in the images, and after wearing it for almost one week, I can see the effects and luck it has brought to me. I am much more calm and at peace now. Thank you team!

~ Nikita Aggarwal

I ordered Sphatik Mala with 108 beads and received the order within stipulated time mentioned. It was as enchanting as picturised on the website. Even after wearing it, I could feel a sense of strength and positivity around me. Very ideal investment. Thanks AstroSage.

~ Bharat Tawar

AstroSage is one of the best astrology service providers in my opinion, as their every consultation has been satisfactory and remedies worked. I ordered a Rudraksha Mala, which was delivered to me within no time and at a reasonable pricing. Great work!

~ Archita Narayan

Tulsi Mala I bought from AstroSage was of eminent quality. It was available in different colors, out of which I ordered a sandalwood-colored one. Since the day I wore it, it has changed my life miraculously. Have even recommended to my friends and family too! Thanks a ton!

~ Vivek Rastogi

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