CogniAstro 10th Career Counselling Report (Up To Grade 10)

CogniAstro 10th Career Counselling Report (Up To Grade 10)
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  • Most Accurate Career Counselling Report
    The CogniAstro report has been proven to be 98% more accurate than the prevalent psychology-tests based reports.
  • Based on Analytical Psychology
    Working on the concepts of Carl Jung, it is groundbreaking research in the field of career counselling
  • Cognitive Science + Astrology
    Your psychological evaluation in this report will be based on your kundli, bringing the future of career counselling by joining psychology with astrology
  • From Confusion To Certainty
    The report offers career options that are best suited for the native, removing all confusion from their minds

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CogniAstro 10th Career Counselling Report (Up To Grade 10)

Troubled on what to choose after class X? CogniAstro is the solution to all your problems. Get detailed information about your RIASEC personality type, based on your kundali (birth chart), as well as the most suitable streams and subjects you should opt for, in order to progress and succeed in life. Your CogniAstro career counseling report based on astrology is valid for your lifetime. Unlike the psychological test reports, it takes the astrological aspects of your natal chart into consideration. As a result, your evaluation does not change with time and experience. This report and your personality evaluation will be the same today, and 10 years from now. So quit worrying, and place an order for your personalized career counseling report, tailored especially for you and plan your future accordingly.

NOTE: Available in Hindi and English

About Your Personalised Report

Solution To All Career Problems

The CogniAstro Career Counselling Report has the answer to all your career problems. Worried about what to choose after X standard? Unsure how your interests can turn into a career option? Here is the solution. This report informs you of your personality type and suggests appropriate subjects and streams for you. You can get a better insight into yourself and learn which field is more suited to your type, and hence, plan your future with a better understanding and surer step. Simply put, this report is the way to your development and success.

Accurate Solutions

Since CogniAstro is taking the best of both astrology and psychology, it is offering the world of career counselling, the most precise report ever. The report bases its psychological deductions on your kundli (birth chart). As a result, just like your kundali, the report is valid throughout your life, so is the RIASEC type you are determined as. Unlike prevalent psychological test reports whose results can change as you grow and learn through new experiences, this report is defining who you were born to be.

Varied Options

Your personalized career counselling report offers you insight into your personality, as well as gives you numerous options to choose from. Based on your RIASEC personality type, the report defines the streams after class 10, in decreasing order – going from the most suited and recommended for you, to the least befitting stream. As a result, you can choose the one that interests you more, from the top few options. In the same vein, you can also make your selection for your subjects – core and elective, in an identical way.

Get Timely Delivery

The CogniAstro Career Counselling Report is designed, only after a comprehensive astrological and psychological analysis of your kundli. Moreover, Cogniastro has a set norm of delivering the reports to their clients on or before the committed time. Therefore, you will receive the prime solution to your problems as promised, within the intended time period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. When will I receive the report?

You will receive your premium CogniAstro Career Counselling Report within 72 hours of payment, delivered to your email id.

Q2. How will this assessment help me?

With the precise CogniAstro Career Counselling Report you can make the right decisions concerning your streams and subject combinations, and therefore your courses, colleges, and ultimately your career. This report offer you clarity and insight in your personality and suitable options.

Q3. How accurate will this report be?

CogniAstro report has proven to be 98% more accurate than the prevalent psychological tests based reports. Moreover, this report and your personality assessment is valid for you, throughout your lifetime.

$ 12.29 / ₹ 799
Price: $ 32.31 / ₹ 2100
You Save: $ 20.02 / ₹ 1301 (62.0%)
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"My daughter took 3 different psychological tests and none of the results suited her personality at all. But when she took the CogniAstro Labs assessment, we were amazed at how exact the final result was. We are very happy with the result. CogniAstro is definitely more precise than any psychology-based tests."

~ Mother Of Vaidehi Varshney, Class X (DPS Rohini, New Delhi)

With CogniAstro analysis, I was able to help my parents realise that drawing was my passion and graphic designing is a course and career that I can choose according to my personality type. My hobby can help me earn, and I never have to give up my love ever again.”

~ Priyanshu Singh, Class X (Dayawati Modi Academy, Rampur)

“After taking the CogniAstro assessment, I was able to move ahead of the peer pressure and my parents’ expectations to realize what I really wanted. My analysis was correct, unlike the previous psychology ones. Not only was able to choose the stream I want to take, but I also have a clearer perspective about my career.”

~ Divyansh Jain, Class X (St Mary's Champion School, Indore)

I bought the CogniAstro assessment for my daughter. It has helped give her a clearer insight about her career and herself, helping her be more focused on her goals for the future. The report was clear-cut and to the point, giving her a much needed insight into herself.”

~ Sonali Singh, Teacher of Class XII (DAV Public School, Sreshtha Vihar, Delhi)

"I was worried about my son not being interested in his studies. CogniAstro has made me realize that he was simply never interested in following the norms. He is now excelling in his studies and has a career goal that suits him perfectly."

~ Mother Of Soham Mishra, Class IX (Vasant Valley School, New Delhi)

“CogniAstro helped clear all my doubts better than any other tests I took previously, about the future of my career. I was unsure after opting for engineering, but now I know what I want to be, and what I need from myself to achieve my goals.”

~ Sujal Jain, Class XII (Sandipani Academy Maheshwar, Khargone)

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