Navagraha Puja

Navagraha Puja
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  • Navagraha Puja
    The effect of the various planets present in the horoscope is the main cause of many adverse problems in the life of the native.
  • Importance of Navagraha Pujan
    By performing Navagraha Pujan as per the rules and regulations, many downtrodden aspects of one’s life can get sorted. Also, with the effect of this Puja, the concerned person gets relief from all his/her physical and mental worries.
  • Benefits of Navagraha Puja
    Observing the Navagraha Puja helps to make all the nine planets in the horoscope ecstatic. Apart from this, if there is a malefic planet present in the horoscope of a person, then it also protects against its bad effects.
  • Navagraha Dosha Shanti Pujan
    For the prevention of Navagraha Dosha, we can provide you with details about the best method and the effective Vedic mantras.

Navagraha Puja

According to Indian texts of astrology, the auspicious and inauspiciousness of planets can bring many ups and downs in life. It has been said that the influence of planets in human life is so effective that the native, who grows up in a well-to-do family, ruins himself/herself due to the influence of inauspicious planets taking place in the respective birth chart of the person. It can make his/her life hell.

Puja Details & Features

Navagraha Pujan Significance

Navagraha Puja is the only solution to pacify the nine planets. Any good or bad which happens in a human being’s life can be owed to the planets. To prevent all these ups and downs and to pacify the malefic planets, the Navagrahas which affect lives should be pacified. There are certain rules to worship all the 9 planets/Navagrahas. The qualities of each planet are found in each native. Just like health from the Sun, success from the Moon and Mars provides prosperity. Likewise, for every planet, natives suffering from any kind of problem should pacify the planets to bring pace to any halted work. Through the chanting of certain Mantras, the effect of these planets is established positively. This process is called Navagraha Puja.

Vedic Mantras Crucial to Navagraha Pujan

The Navagrahas are worshipped with their Vedic mantras along with reciting the traditional mantra, in addition to the Shodashopachara stages. The puja also includes Havan and other rituals, including Ghee (clarified butter), sesame, barley being offered to the fire while reciting mantras of other sacred material and sunrise numbers related to Lord Surya. Yajna is an important way to remove the evil effects of planets in the horoscope of the native. To get optimum positive results, Vedic Puja should be performed according to the best Muhurat and Nakshatra. To complete the Puja, a team of 5 priests should be appointed to complete the Puja within 5 - 6 hours.

Benefits of Navagraha Pujan

  • According to Vedic astrology and religious texts, not only one planet but the entirety of Navagrahas can be pleased by the Navagraha Pujan and you get the blessings of nine planets together.
  • For overflowing happiness and peace in the family, you can worship the nine planets for the attainment of all kinds of happiness.
  • If a planet in your horoscope is in a debilitated or inauspicious place and because of it, If there are many difficulties in your life, then you must definitely organise the Navagraha Puja.
  • The most important thing about Navagraha Puja is that anyone can get it done. Your horoscope and its Doshas vanish the moment you organise this Puja.

Dasha of Navagrahas - Effects of the Planetary Motions

The motions and Dashas of planets have some significant effects on the native. The native is made aware of this situation by taking birth details into account and creating the person’s horoscope, in which all the 9 planets and their positions are described and it is estimated how the future of the native will be. If there is any type of planetary defect/Dasha in the horoscope/kundli of the person, then it affects him and also creates adversity. In the realm of astrology, 9 planets i.e. Rahu, Ketu, including Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are considered or given the status of Navagrahas. If any planet is weak or has adverse effects on the person’s horoscope then the methods of pacifying them are also suggested by astrology.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the Benefits of Navagraha Pujan?

With this Puja, the malefic impacts of all the Navagrahas come to an end and one gets success in every sphere of life. Along with this, this puja is also auspicious for mental peace.

Q2. Is it Necessary to Remain Present During the Puja?

At the beginning of the puja, the person is required to be present for the resolution, but even if he/she is not present during the whole puja, even then the Puja can be performed.

Q3. How Long Does the Puja Last?

Generally, this Puja goes on for 5 - 6 hours where the Pandit Ji keeps reciting the Mantras.

Q4. What are the rituals for Navagraha Dosha Shanti Puja?

There are many methods of worship for the removal of Navagraha Dosha. The best method is the legislation performed by Vedic mantras. The nine planets are pacified by their Mantras meant for the pacification of Navagraha Dosha.

  • First and foremost, all the Navagrahas are invoked and then installed.
  • Then, Akshat is kept on the left hand and while chanting one should invoke the planets and offer Akshat from the left hand.
  • Just like that, all planets are invoked and established.
  • Offer Akshat for prestige in Navagraha Mandal.
  • Now, chant the Mantras and conduct the Puja.
Get this Puja officiated by a learned Brahmin/priest. The puja can also be performed in the Navagraha temple.

Q5. What is the total time of worship?

Typically, it takes 5 to 6 hours for a team of 5-6 priests to conduct this Puja.

Q6. How to decide the time of Navagraha Puja?

The time of worship will be decided by observing the auspicious muhurat.

Q7. What information is required for this puja?

  • Full Name
  • Gotra
  • State, country, etc., including the present city.
  • Purpose of Worship - Why are you performing this Puja?
  • Q8. What General Puja Items are used for this Puja?

    Incense, flower betel leaves, betel nut, Hawan Samagri (items required for havan/Yajna) desi ghee, sweetmeat, Gangajal, Kaleva, wood for havan/Yajna (Wood from Mango tree), mango leaves, Akshat, Roli, Janeu/sacred thread, camphor, honey, sugar, turmeric and pink cloth.

    Q9. How will Navagraha Puja Begin?

    You will be given details of the online Puja performed by Acharya and your puja will be officiated by a special priest who will also choose an auspicious time for the Puja to take place. The designated Pandit ji will perform only one puja at a time.Just before the puja begins, a call will be made to you so that your Pandit ji can get you to recite the Sankalp/oath with him. It symbolizes the beginning of the Puja ceremony. If you are in your house or Temple during the Puja, then you can sit in a quiet place and continuously chant the Navagraha Mantra.

    Q10. What will happen at the end of the Puja?

    At the end of the puja, your Priest or Pandit Ji will call you again to transfer the positive energy generated during the puja. This process is known as "Shreya Dana" or "Sankalp Purti". It marks the end of worship.

    Q11. What Should be Done to Get the Optimum Profits Out of It?

    “ūm̐ brahmā murārī tripurāṃtakārī bhānu: śaśi bhūmi suto budhaśca। guruśca śukra śani rāhu ketava sarve grahā śāṃti karā bhavaṃtu।।” “ऊँ ब्रह्मा मुरारी त्रिपुरांतकारी भानु: शशि भूमि सुतो बुधश्च। गुरुश्च शुक्र शनि राहु केतव सर्वे ग्रहा शांति करा भवंतु । This Mantra should be chanted continuously when the Puja is going on.

    Q12. Will the native receive any puja prasad?

    Yes, the lab certified Navagraha Yantra and Dried Prasad will be sent to the native after the Puja is completed.

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